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Old Rheinbeck, October 2007This is the home page for the X-Plane flight simulator airport and navigation data.  From here you can download the latest data releases, find answers to common questions, or get information about designing new or revised airport and navigation data.

The airport and navigation data is maintained from a variety of sources, and provides global coverage for airports, runways, taxiways, airport surface markings and lighting, NDBs, VORs, ILSs, fixes (intersections), airways and astronomical data. 

The airport data includes all runways, and also includes detailed taxiway layouts, lights and markings if an X-plane user has created them and submitted them to me.  If no custom taxiway details are available, then my database will automatically generate a parallel taxiway system alongside each main runway - these are unlikely to be correct, but they will enhance the appearance of 'unimproved' airports.

New features in X-Plane's airport editing tool - World Editor (WED) - now allow buildings and other objects to be defined at an airport, and these can be distibuted with the new "Global Scenery" process whenever you perform a routine update of X-Plane.  The simulator already includes an example of this - look at KATL in X-Plane and then explore your "Custom Scenery | Global Airports" folder. We will publish details of the submission process as we develop them over the next few weeks. Finally, many of the X-Plane airports will begin to sprout buildings!

Maintaining this data is a collaborative effort ...

Until late 2007, this data was primarily sourced from the US National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Defense Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF), but this valuable data source has been removed from the public domain, ostensibly for security reasons (yes, really).  We now update this data from other publicly available sources (such as the FAA's National Flight Database) and from individual data updates from global X-Plane users.

My role is to collect all these data updates from multiple sources and to consolidate them into a highly-normalised database (maintained in Microsoft SQL Server 2008).  From this database, an evolving Visual Basic application can generate data files for multiple versions of X-Plane.  I try to generate new data every month.  The FlightGear freeware flight simulator also shares this data.

How can you help?

If you see errors or omissions in the data, then please let me know, and include information about how the error can be corrected.  Please remember that I collect, consolidate and distribute the data, but I cannot design detailed airports on demand - we rely upon other volunteers to share this tasks.  If you are interested in becoming a data designer, then please see the designer page on this site.  There are several tools available to help you in this task.

All data must be obtained from publicly available, freely redistributable sources. I cannot accept data extracted from commercially distributed database.  If you are enhancing data previously submitted by another user then please obtain their permission first.

Terms of useKipper

The X-Plane data is published under the terms of the Free Software Foundation General Public License (GPL).  In summary, my interpretation of this license is that "works" published under the protection of its terms may be redistributed and modified, provided that this GPL remains a part of that redistribution.  Nothing prevents you charging for any redistributed or derivative work based upon this data ... but the terms of the GPL do not prevent (and are designed to encourage) someone else from later amending and then redistributing your work (or a derivative), either as free-ware or as pay-ware, under the same GPL terms.

This data is provided as a free service for X-Plane users. But if you appreciate what we offer here, please make a donation to your your favourite animal shelter (or another charitable organization of your choice).  "Kipper" (the dozy kitten on the image to the right) was rescued from an animal shelter in Austin, Texas in 1996, but sadly she died in June of 2010.  If you make a contribution, please let me know - I like to keep a log!